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Une éclipse au temps du choléra

They were together

At the corner of the street

Nothing more in the air

Only their love on the beat

I was on the other side

No noise, just a car, nobody

Trying to be on my side

Feeling dreams in their company

Maybe they were hoping

for something secret or somebody

Maybe for the truth or for nothing

Maybe for a bit of poetry

She said: « I saw a strange bird »

He said: « ............... An angel ? »

She said: «Why not , I’ve heard

like a melody in a castle...........! »

She said: « Maybe are we angels ? »

He said: « Lost in a lost city ? »

I thought: « I’ll never be an angel

I’m no more than a crazy Birdy ! »


Texte : FJ Apers Jr

Peinture : Gabriel Miltenberger

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Fattoum Abidi
Fattoum Abidi
May 10, 2020

Bravo superbe merci.


May 10, 2020

Beau texte sur l’amour !

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