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Windows NT6 Setup IsoWindows NT6 Setup Iso 2022




iso file. At this point, you'll be prompted for the installation language. If it's not set to your language, that's OK. Windows Setup will then give you the option to keep the existing setup, create a new system, or create a new partition. Choose to install Windows, and then make sure you've got your USB drive or DVD drive plugged in (and make sure it's in the right USB port!). When it's time to restart, you'll see an icon on your desktop after the installation is complete. That's all there is to it! **Figure 1.2** : Installing Windows with the USB or DVD drive Once you're finished, you'll have Windows 10 installed and running. If you want to do more than that, read on! **TIP** If you're downloading Windows 10 from a Microsoft web site, you can use the **Refresh** link on the top-right corner of the Windows 10 installer's webpage to update the ISO file.




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Windows NT6 Setup IsoWindows NT6 Setup Iso 2022

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